Someone Else

Have you ever wished you were someone else?
Someone other than yourself.
Have you ever wanted to get away?
To be someone else for a day.

Does it seem like your lane is always jammed?
and everything you do is always damned?
Do you always seem to catch the red light?
and you never seem to do anything right.

Do you try to make everyone happy, not sad?
but someone always ends up mad.?
If I changed my name
Would you treat me the same?

If I changed my face
How would I see this place?
If I changed my beliefs
Would my mind be anymore deep?

If I was someone else
Would I wish I was myself?



There is no getting away from the fact that I am getting older, that we are all getting older, day by day, year by year, where does the time go?

Just how quickly we age was brought home to me when I viewed a particular photograph recently. I usually avoid them like the plague, as I hate to see images of myself. I don’t feel any older than I ever did, but an impending birthday says different. Soooo, changes were needed.

1/ Sack the useless hair stylist that I pay an enormous amount to give me a style that I never like.    – done!

2/ Find a new stylist and a new style   – done!

3/ Spend a little time on me, not too much, but just enough to take care of exercise –  done!

4/ Spend some time to think about what I put in my mouth (erm, enough of the laughter please!) we are what we eat so they say, well god help my poor insides so far! New diet, ommitting junk  – done!

5/ Visit the beautician and actullay TAKE some of those massages I have been promising myself for ages   – still to do

6/ SLEEP! much more than I do  – still to do, and probably the hardest, how the heck do I sleep when I am not tired?

7/ Drink less coffee and more water – YUK! water is just sooo boring! – will do – reluctantly

8/ Hope that all the changes result in at least a little difference in the next photograph! – still to do, and with my dislike of cameras, will probably never happen 🙂

9/ Stop being a silly, vain, pathetic lump and grow old gracefully – NOT A HOPE IN HELL! 😀