I didn’t post anything here for ages. I know not why, perhaps I just lost heart with writing my musings.

Sometimes, life is a pain in the ass, and other times it is wonderful. These last few weeks have been a bit of both, causing me to be both ecstatically happy and bloody miserable, not a good mood swing trend at all.

I enjoyed a wonderful time with some delightful friends and my special person. Was it really only two weeks ago? The days flew by and all too soon I had to return to normal, dreams diminished and life took over again. Work has been a trial, everyday life has been a trial, I really wish I could make changes, huge changes, because right now I am just not happy here.

I ponder the meaning of life – real life -not why are we here on earth. It all seems to be work, fight and sleep and nothing much more. Is that really all there is? If only I didn’t need a job to exist, if only my IM work would take off and make me the income I need, if only… yeah, if only!