Witchy Woman

I forget my craft at times. Forget as it sits silently waiting for me to remember.

White candles for cleansing and a small wish for peace.

A waning moon for letting go, clearing away, cleansing and releasing.

Lavender to purify, calming and restful

Broken herbs, crushed and sweet to clear the air and soothe the mind

Prayer to the Goddess

Nothing that is dark or evil do I use and no,  love spells do NOT work! :).

I always remember that whatever is given out will threefold return.



I know I have driven you all crazy, but I want to thank you  from the bottom of my heart for the love that has flowed from you.

I had sight of some words today that have ensured you will  now have less to cope with.

No other words. Just – Thank you :*