A Journey

I have been on quite a journey over the last few days. One that I thought would be difficult and for some parts it was, but the journey has lead me to a discovery. I have discovered that with the love and support of friends anything is possible.

I have also discovered that I love the country that I am visiting very much. The weather, the beautiful cities and towns, the shopping and the people.

Last night was our new New Year celebration. We had a wonderful evening, with laughter, fun, food and (for me) Bacardi.  We were quite a group, though we missed some people who, for whatever reason, could not be with us.

Ana, I really do hope you get that car mended soon!!

I start my new New Year, just one year since my first visit,  in a new country having made new friends (again) and with new direction. I do not want to leave all this behind, I feel comfortable and happy here, so I have also discovered that maybe, just maybe, I will not have to.

For the love and kindness, for the laughter, for the support and for making something that could have been so difficult so very much easier, for just being there, I love and thank you all.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger……… “I´ll be back”  :* :*


Moon Dancing


‘Neath a star washed ocean in
ring stone round we’d dance. Skyclad,
hand in hand round a bonfire of blessed aromas
amongst moonbeam and meadow sweet,
rhythmically swaying to the drumming beat
with the sky beneath our feet.

In groves of Oak with mistletoe we’d invoke
spirits of the past and otherworldly folk
spinning like jenny’s in our widdershins jig
moon-dancing with posy branch and twig.
With our environment in ecstasy complete
with the sky beneath our feet.

The wayward children of Mother Earth
used to listen to night when it spoke
in shadow tongue but as times wheel turned
her song was no longer heard
bonfires no longer burned
our declaration of indifference well earned
and Gods we no longer greet
with the sky beneath our feet.