Dye Dilemma.

(I know I’m not Hale Berry, but we all take inspiration from somewhere!)

Stress. A word we hear every day but have no concept of what it can actually do to the human body.

I have had recent experience of the joys of ‘stress’. One of which was losing a lot of my hair. I have never had amazing hair. My mother had stunning black, curly locks, my father had fine blonde (almost white), resulting in my fine, fluffy dark brown. I think the hair gene had taken a coffee break when I was being conceived! One ex kindly called it ‘your messy hair’.  Some nerve, coming from a guy who is going bald!!

Thankfully it is now returning, but it has completely changed colour. Instead of dark it is returning a sort of silvery white/grey. This was somewhat depressing at first and resulted in much wrangling with a multitude of hair dyes to hide it, never really successfully, a little bit always managed to ‘escape’.

After much thought and many frustrating hours with hair dye, I have decided to ‘go commando’ so to speak. No more fighting with packages promising ‘rich, enhancing colour’. I shall wait and see what nature has decided I shall look like. Brave words coming from someone who has spent a lifetime in the clutches of L’Oreal and other such promisers of wonder.

I’m feeling good about it today. I may change my mind tomorrow, but that’s a woman’s prerogative…..


5 responses

  1. Absolutely – you could always go Pink! It might be quite fun!!

    I painted my toenails bright blue the other day just for the hell of it. It was very empowering!!

  2. Right now my toenails are bright shiny red foil. Courtesy of my daughter who is doing nail art.

    Pink? Hmmm, maybe not, I am not really a pink sort of me. I am planning on silver, really silver, not grey with little black streaks at the front. Persevering so far……..

  3. I can’t comment on the stress but the decision to let your hair flaunt it’s natural colour seems a great one to me. I hope you tell us about the results and what you are going to do with all the money you saved not buing hair dye. Good for you

  4. It has taken two and a half years, but I am finally a lovely silver grey/lilac colour. Adding little streaks of purple next week. Just because I have grey hair doesn’t mean I have to be boring!

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