Just me

I am a real, warm, human being (usually) and spend much of my time working or thinking, sometimes both, which tends to mean that nothing gets done at all!

Here is just a place for me to examine my most intimate feelings, and the many and varied thoughts and words that meander through my mind each day on their journey to who knows where! If I manage to catch them in time, they settle on this page and rest here for a while. You are welcome to see what I have managed to capture.


One response

  1. Hi Katie,
    I hope when you said defeated that was a passing thought and feeling. Your thoughts and the feeling that go along with the thoughts actually create your life experiences. If you continue to think and feel you are defeated you will literally create life experiences to prove yourself right. The good news is that you are in complete control of you life. You have free will so you can think anything you want to think and thus create and experience anything in life you want to experience. So focus your thoughts on what you want in life and do it in the present tense. In other words believe that you already have what you want to experience and keep doing it until it manifests into physical form and you will have taken the first step in becoming the master of you life.
    Have a Great Life. What is your alternative.


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