The darkness deepens, and, weary now, she trudges on. It has taken so long to get here, and still no sign of what she is searching for. She slows her pace and, standing on tiptoe, looks around. There! it’s over there, she is so sure. At first a gentle glow, then as she approaches, the mound gleams brightly, dazzling, brighter than a diamonds sparkle in the sunlight, lighter than gold brushed by the waxing moons beams.

Running now, her weariness from the long journey forgotten, shouting with delight at the success of the task she had been given, she dives into the glittering pile, twirling, laughing. She plunges her hands deep into the small mountain, grabbing handfuls and letting them run through her fingers. They fall softly, making a light tinkling sound as they land.

In the shadows, the Guardian watches and sighs. Not another one! He moves closer, but remains hidden.

She drops to the ground and starts to search through the glowing pile. Which ones should she take? Which are the most important? Agitated now, she throws one after the other back down. No, not that one.

The voice is soft but firm. “Take one, and you must take them all” She looks up, peering into the shadows. “Who’s there?” “Take one, and you must take them all” he repeats. “Release me from my burden, please”.

She stoops again, to pick up the ones she has chosen. Only a few, they are so heavy, she cannot take more. They will not move. Welded together suddenly. She tries to lift them but it is an impossible task. Why? How? The Guardian speaks again. “You may take them all but they can never be seperated. Leave my dear, you do not have the required strength and knowledge”.

She backs away. Sadness hits her, and weeping she turns and stumbles back into the night. Glancing back, maybe one more try? but she knows it will be to no avail. Her heart breaking, she walks away, tears streaming. How will she tell them that she has failed?

In the shadows the Guardian sighs once more, and settles back to watch, as he has done since before time began. Such fools these humans, always they arrive and always they leave with nothing. But he knows they have not yet developed enough. Peace does not exist in their little world. Maybe at some future time, but now, no, impossible to allow it. They would destroy themselves, if they had all the answers.