Still thinking …

That sometimes, if I moan too much, it can cause untold harm 🙂

I moaned about my job and lo, it is no more. Serves me right really. I should be (I am) quite worried. It is no fun not having an income. The bills loom large, I have a mortgage to pay or a house to sell and the shopping expeditions are no more.


why is it then that I feel such a sense of freedom? A sense of a new beginning, a chance to start everything again. Perhaps because I am always so damn stolid, have always done ‘what is right’, and now I have a chance to do just what I want and I really like the idea!! :p




For those of you who followed my thoughts, words, deeds and mutterings, I must say ‘thank you’. For your support, your comments, your arguments, your understanding, and for just being there to listen.

As in all things, changes happen, and as my life has now followed that path, I have deleted the old and brought in the new. This is me, inside, outside, thoughtful and obscure. A new journey with no direction.

Musings and mutterings will continue unabated, welcome here, lets see where it leads us!