Dr. Hook

Music should be known as one of the seven wonders of the world (or maybe the eighth?). It can affect your mood, tell a story, give a message, bring back memories both good and bad and take you back to certain parts of your life. I do not have any specific music taste, liking a wide variety of artists. There are only two songs that I never want to hear again, so they will not be featured here.

Like scents, music has power that we do not credit. So, having been in something of a reflective mood today, I searched for music to sooth and found, hidden in the back of the cupboard, a disc I have not listened to for a long time.

Here are two of my favourite songs from ‘completely hooked’. By Dr. Hook, who also has a few songs on there that just make me laugh. (try Money and Millionaire :). One for a memory, and one for someone who has touched my life in a very special way.