I didn’t post anything here for ages. I know not why, perhaps I just lost heart with writing my musings.

Sometimes, life is a pain in the ass, and other times it is wonderful. These last few weeks have been a bit of both, causing me to be both ecstatically happy and bloody miserable, not a good mood swing trend at all.

I enjoyed a wonderful time with some delightful friends and my special person. Was it really only two weeks ago? The days flew by and all too soon I had to return to normal, dreams diminished and life took over again. Work has been a trial, everyday life has been a trial, I really wish I could make changes, huge changes, because right now I am just not happy here.

I ponder the meaning of life – real life -not why are we here on earth. It all seems to be work, fight and sleep and nothing much more. Is that really all there is? If only I didn’t need a job to exist, if only my IM work would take off and make me the income I need, if only… yeah, if only!



An unexpected lazy day, three movies, one box of tissues and a sofa full of cushions to cuddle up in. All three had their own merits, but one, Dreamgirls, had me riveted to the screen. If you love R & B music then all I can say is – WATCH IT!

Eros and the dreams he brings!


Our most vivid erotic dreams occur when we reach a state of lucidity: a heightened sense of awareness in the dream state because of our consciousness of the dream. When we have a lucid dream, it seems much more realistic than a regular dream and we have more control over what is occurring.

So, practice makes perfect?

If you dream about making love near a fireplace then this can mean that your relationship is passionate and fulfilling, in no way passive and boring, and that you have a strong sex drive.
If you dream about torrid lovemaking on water, in a boat for example, congratulations: this means that you are in perfect sexual harmony with your partner.

Should you worry about erotic dreams?
Definitely not! These dreams are not signs of problems: they’re a sign of good psychological health. Your dreams are translated into repressed carnal and sexual desire and you can’t help them. They should never be confused with reality, so there’s no need to feel guilty and to imagine that you suffer from any form of perversity. Well, thats a relief!!

In all cases, dreaming about sex is quite natural and necessary for psychological fulfillment. It also signifies a strong libido and desire to benefit from the pleasures of life. Of course, if certain dreams take a concerning form or disturb your thoughts during the day, better speak to a therapist to deal with any issues. Hmm, any therapists out there? 🙂