I know I have driven you all crazy, but I want to thank you  from the bottom of my heart for the love that has flowed from you.

I had sight of some words today that have ensured you will  now have less to cope with.

No other words. Just – Thank you :*


Lakeside and boats

The serene Lake Windermere in Cumbria is an wonderful place to visit. With boating (apparently I need the practice), shopping, excellent walks and cosy inns, with roaring log fires glowing in winter, there is no better place to be in England.  Close by is the museum of Beatrix Potter, the famous author whose books about animals living real lives caught the imagination of children and adults alike, as after all, at any age we love make believe.

It is also the home of a very dear friend. Get the wine glasses ready Melanie, I am on my way 🙂

Photographs courtesy of Ann Bowker, used with her permission.

‘O Caritas’

hunc ornatum mundi
nolo perdere
video flagrare
omnia res
audio clamare
nune extinquitur
mundi et astrorum lamen
nune concipitur mali hominis crimen
tristetat e et lacrimis
gravis est dolor
de terraeque maribus
magnus est clamor
O caritas, O caritas
nobis semper sit amor
mos perituri mortem salutamus
sola resurgit vita
Ah, this world is burning fast
Oh, the world will never last
I don´t want to lose it here in my time

(Yes, I DO know, and can pronounce, all of the words) 🙂



For those of you who followed my thoughts, words, deeds and mutterings, I must say ‘thank you’. For your support, your comments, your arguments, your understanding, and for just being there to listen.

As in all things, changes happen, and as my life has now followed that path, I have deleted the old and brought in the new. This is me, inside, outside, thoughtful and obscure. A new journey with no direction.

Musings and mutterings will continue unabated, welcome here, lets see where it leads us!