Lost it!

We never realise what strange habits we aquire until something happens to make us do so.

I don’t go much for jewellry – so, potential burglars, take note – I have some little pieces that have some meaning, but I am not a ‘Diamond Lil’. Actually, I much prefer sapphires. I have one piece, a little sapphire ring, which I always wear, and which, I have now discovered, I ‘fiddle with’ when I am thinking or nervous. I discovered this because I have managed to lose it, doing just that, fiddling. 🙂

It dropped off my thumb, (yes thats where it goes when I fiddle, by twirling it round and round) onto the floor, and now I cannot find it. It’s here somewhere, I know. I looked under the sofas, around the cupboard, beneath the bookcase and around the fire – do hope it didn’t manage to get in there – to no avail! Now, I can’t think (and maybe I cannot be nervous?)