And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods make heaven drowsy with the harmony.’ (Shakespeare).

We ladies sometimes believe that only we are capable of feeling deep, soul touching love, so how heartening to find this novel:


RANDOM ACTS OF HEROIC LOVE is a fantastic debut novel by a very talented writer. Scheinmann spent six years writing his debut, and as you read, you can certainly see how it could be viewed as a labour of love.

The book follows two stories – one is of Mortiz Daniecki in 1917. As a survivor of the war, he is captured and put into a POW camp. Yet this is not where his story ends, for what keeps Mortiz fighting to get through the war and back home is the young love he has left behind there, Lotte. Before Moritz heads off to be a soldier, they share a kiss together and it is this kiss that spurs Moritz on; the memory of her sustains him and gives him reason to live. Once he escapes from the camp, Moritz then faces an arduous journey walking his way home, to his love and the life he had before.

The second story is set in 1992 and follows Leo Deakin. At the age of 25, Leo wakes up in hospital having survived a crash whilst travelling in South America. Upon waking, Leo discovers that his girlfriend Eleni did not survive the crash, but he cannot remember anything about it. As he struggles to rebuild his memory of what happened, whilst coming to terms with his loss, you follow him on this journey.

Through these two stories, Scheinmann has managed to explore the many issues of bereavement, love, survival, hope and travelling on physical, as well as philosophical journies, in great depth and to great effect.

Even if you have never lost a loved one, or been separated from your love, I am sure that you will be able to appreciate and understand the power of the emotions behind this extraordinary novel. What makes it even more so remarkable is that the journey Moritz makes across Russia was actually undertaken by Scheinmann’s grandfather. Leo’s experience of losing his partner at a young age is also another related to Scheinmann, showing just how much of his soul he has exposed within the pages.


Perfection is….

I have been feeling somewhat miserable today, full of cold and aching and feeling very sorry for myself.

Michael Lee is a fellow IM’er, who sends me information as I promote some of his videos and meditations. Today, he sent me this, which made me laugh so much I asked him for permission to post the link here.

If that is perfection, I think I will pass!!


I long to watch you sleep
To feel the warmth of your breath upon my cheek
I dream of tracing the outline of your face with a gentle touch
Just to see your lips¬†move in a sudden smile…

Am I asking too much…

I long for you to hold my hand
To feel your arms surround me in a hug
I dream of looking up at you
Just to see your eyes dance with laughter…

Am I asking too much……

I want

Someone who loves me without restriction
Someone who needs me with full conviction
Someone to care on a cold dark night
Someone who’s there when its not alright
Someone who’s eyes see only me
Someone to stay, for eternity
Someone who’s touch is as light as a feather
Someone to roll with in Summer heather
Someone who sees to my inner soul
Someone to mend me when I’m not whole
Someone who’s body will warm my feet
Someone to shade me from searing heat
Someone to hold me and say, ‘it’s fine’
Someone always, forever, mine
Someone who comes with no complication
That someone is only imagination!


I knew I had a hectic schedule today and was dreading getting up this morning. Then two things happened:

1/ The sun shone brightly through my bedroom window, waking me with a warm glow.

2/ I received a most beautiful message (via the phone, not via a visit from the angels ;p )

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a whole difference to the day.


For those of you who followed my thoughts, words, deeds and mutterings, I must say ‘thank you’. For your support, your comments, your arguments, your understanding, and for just being there to listen.

As in all things, changes happen, and as my life has now followed that path, I have deleted the old and brought in the new. This is me, inside, outside, thoughtful and obscure. A new journey with no direction.

Musings and mutterings will continue unabated, welcome here, lets see where it leads us!