Yorkshire Pud!

I was looking for a picture online. Yorkshire Pudding is popular here but is difficult to describe as it is NOT usually eaten as a pudding at all (but it can be). 

I came across this instead:

What is a Yorkshire Fat Rascal? Why has a song about hats and moors become the Yorkshire Anthem? Where can you find Booze, Crackpot and the Land of Nod? How did the white rose become Yorkshire’s emblem? Which three Prime Ministers were born in Yorkshire? Who are Yorkshire’s real Calendar Girls? When is Yorkshire Day? The answers are all in A Yorkshire Miscellany-an entertaining guide to this much-loved part of England and a celebration of its people, places, history and quirks. Learn the lingo of Yorkshire dialect and how to cook specialities like Yorkshire Pudding, Parkin and Curd Tart. Discover the secrets of building a dry stone wall and uncover the Yorkshire locations of famous films and TV shows. Understand the history of famous Yorkshire icons like the flat cap and the Yorkshire terrier, and read about the lives of the greatest ever Yorkshiremen and women. A Yorkshire Miscellany is crammed with intriguing facts and figures- a fascinating treasure trove to delight Yorkshire natives and visitors alike. Better than a ‘pig in muck’, as they say.

I know what a Fat Rascal is, and I also know the national anthem of Yorkshire, ‘ On Ilkla Moor Ba Tat’. I can build a dry stone wall and although Yorkshire dialect is almost impossible to actually write down, I can speak it, however, there are some things here that I, a true born Yorkshire woman, do NOT know. I had better go buy the book!

Oh, and here is a Yorkshire Pudding. Usually served either alone with onion gravy before a meal, or alongside roast beef. Sometimes though served with just sugar or jam, which is how I prefer it.