Retail Therapy

There are times when nothing else will do, the ONLY thing to make you feel good about yourself is SHOPPING!

I’m not a shophaholic by any means, in fact usually, it takes a very special occassion to make me consider a shopping trip. Cluttered and overheated stores, crowds of people all pushing and shoving, is not the way I like to spend my time at all. Today, however, I just felt like doing something different, anything that didn’t include work was good, so I hit the shops on a mission.

First was a beauty therapy, which was free, so always welcome. I tried different colours, and found that what I thought suited me just did not! Well, who would have thought I have a ‘cool’ look?  apparently I have and need pinks and browns to ‘bring out my eyes’ where exactly it will bring them out to she ommitted to say! I bought ‘Passion Fruit’ – a girl can always dream 🙂 then went for coffee after the makeover, but spent most of the time with the cup sliding away from the glossy lipstick – oh well …… ;p

Next (and because it was opposite the beauticians area) clothes. Dresses, (nope) skirts and sweaters of all shapes and styles. I had a fun time trying and ended up with a  brown (to bring out my eyes) sweater.

Lastly, shoes. Now this is my downfall area. I love shoes. Usually stilettos that I am unable to walk in and that are totally impractical, but what the hell, they feel good, look better and who needs to actually be able to WALK in them anyway!


Total cost – not a lot

Total shopping satisfaction – immense!

So now, I have a new look, slippery lips, a slinky sweater and lovely shoes – anyone wanna party??

Though apparently, I forgot just one vital addition that all women should ensure they have. I must ask my friend just where she bought hers :p