There is no getting away from the fact that I am getting older, that we are all getting older, day by day, year by year, where does the time go?

Just how quickly we age was brought home to me when I viewed a particular photograph recently. I usually avoid them like the plague, as I hate to see images of myself. I don’t feel any older than I ever did, but an impending birthday says different. Soooo, changes were needed.

1/ Sack the useless hair stylist that I pay an enormous amount to give me a style that I never like.    – done!

2/ Find a new stylist and a new style   – done!

3/ Spend a little time on me, not too much, but just enough to take care of exercise –  done!

4/ Spend some time to think about what I put in my mouth (erm, enough of the laughter please!) we are what we eat so they say, well god help my poor insides so far! New diet, ommitting junk  – done!

5/ Visit the beautician and actullay TAKE some of those massages I have been promising myself for ages   – still to do

6/ SLEEP! much more than I do  – still to do, and probably the hardest, how the heck do I sleep when I am not tired?

7/ Drink less coffee and more water – YUK! water is just sooo boring! – will do – reluctantly

8/ Hope that all the changes result in at least a little difference in the next photograph! – still to do, and with my dislike of cameras, will probably never happen 🙂

9/ Stop being a silly, vain, pathetic lump and grow old gracefully – NOT A HOPE IN HELL! 😀